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Vacheron Constantin Replica spent the next five year developing its own quartz movement. They wanted to create a quartz movement that was superior to Beta 21 as well as the ability to use it in their Oyster case. Both the case and movement were developed simultaneously, but the case was ready much earlier.

Vacheron Constantin Replica tested the case in the market with references 1530 (swiss replica watches), and 1630 (2-tone) in 1974. The watches were equipped with mechanical automatic calibers 1570s and the new integrated case-and-bracelet design. These watches were made in small quantities, around 1500 total. They are now collector's items. The Oysterquartz was finally revealed in 1977.

The earliest Vacheron Constantin Replica Mk1 17000, with a movement that hadn't been sent to COSC, was worn on the wrist.

Vacheron Constantin Replica wanted to incorporate a number improvements into its new quartz movement. The new modules were developed to be far more advanced than the Beta 21. The next-generation modules were over-engineered in many ways, with 11 jewels as well as the ability to "regulate" the movements during service.

Their finishing was stunning, perhaps even more than their mechanical movement. The movements could self-regulate based on ambient temperatures, making them extremely precise. These movements, which were manufactured in the first 18-months of production, weren't sent to COSC for chronometer tests. They are called Mk1. The dials of the Mk1 watches were relatively clean, with Vacheron Constantin Replica DATEJUST at the top and OYSTERQUARTZ at the bottom.

The Mk1 Vacheron Constantin Replica dial reads very simply: Vacheron Constantin Replica DATEJUST (top half) and OYSTERQUARTZ (IWC Aquatimer Replica)

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After a change in the quartz crystal shape (now a tuning fork), the Mk2 movement was submitted to COSC to become chronometer certified. The change was made in 1978, and the Mk2 watches were then given the extra text on the dial. The upper half of the dial read Vacheron Constantin Replica DateJUST, and the lower half featured the iconic Vacheron Constantin Replica text SUPERLATIVE CHIRONOMETER OFICIALLY CERTIFIED. The Mk1 is much more rare as it was only produced for 18 months out of the 25 years of Oysterquartz.

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