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The paperwork that lists the previous owner of the pink gold Patek Philippe Replica Watches Ref. The image of the 3970 above is Eric Clapton.

A pink gold Patek Philippe Replica Watches ref. The Hour Glass Permanent Collection owns the 5004 perpetual calendar chronograph wristwatch. The watch has a black tachymetre and Breguet numeral applied at 12 o'clock.

A platinum Patek Philippe Replica Watches ref. The 5004 perpetual calendar chronograph wristwatch features a blue tachymetre and Breguet numerals at 12 o'clock. (Replica Rolex Datejust).

Eric Clapton Custom Breguet-Numeral Patek Philippe Replica Watches Ref. 5970G (Patek Philippe Replica Watches)

Clapton began to sell off some of his watches at some point. However, it is unclear which watches he may have kept. The listing for the pink gold ref. Here is the listing for this 5970, one of four watches from a set that was sold by Sotheby's.

The pink-gold timepiece sold for CHF405,000. Meanwhile, the white-gold timepiece was sold in 2018 at Sotheby's and reached HKD4.92m (about USD635,000). Imagine my delight when I saw my friend H walking into Patek Philippe Replica Watches's Watch Art Grand Exhibition wearing this exact white gold watch.

As I was able to photograph and examine this incredible ref. I chose to create this story around the ref. I was amazed at how beautiful it was, and that Clapton had worn it with such care. Look at the condition of ref. If you look at the condition of the ref. Phillips sold 5004 and those seem to be comparatively unused. It was also interesting to note that Breguet numerals were used on Clapton's ref. The Breguet numerals used for Clapton's ref. The 5970s are completely different from those used on his ref. 5004 watches.

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